It is not by chance or luck but the passion for the country of the rising sun, that 3 years ago two neighbors and childhood friends, Cris and Oscar, met in the village of Hasami, in Nagasaki prefecture.

At that time, we were both interested in the jewels that the artisans of that secluded and charming village created, and we began to think about how to share all that treasure with the West.

In December 2019, we met again in Hasami, "That day we decided that one day we would share the Jewels of the Hasami Artisans." and we put the first seed of the project and in this way bring the Japanese porcelain culture to Europe with the support of this beautiful village. Getting a handcrafted, practical, quality, useful and aesthetically precious product.

Cris had been working for a Japanese ceramic and porcelain distributor in Hasami for years and Oscar has more than 20 years of experience as a salesperson.

But to bring the idea to fruition we needed someone with the same passion and they decided to share this project with Vanesa, another in love with crafts, good work and taste, bringing this precious product to our country with her experience in the Online distribution and sale of the European Market.

"If you like crafts and you like ceramics, you are on the right website"

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