Wakekake Collection

Kaoru Abe, a ceramic designer working on the ESSENCE collection design project, has designed this collection with the aim of creating a novel handcrafted piece that does not lose either the warmth or the nostalgia of a handmade piece.

The place where ESSENCE was born is a restored workshop on the site of an old ceramic factory that was built 80 years ago. It is a building that retains the old flavor of the tile roofs, keyhole shaped windows and sand walls.

With the traditional "Wakekake" manual coloring method, using 100% natural mineral paint, the nuances of color in the enamel that is created between the two halves of the cup give a unique touch to each piece.

The Wakekake Mug is light and easy to hold, and its cylindrical shape provides a feeling of stability, giving it excellent functionality. A mug with bright and fun colors that also attract the little ones. For children to learn to value dishes as well as food and nutrition.

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