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Hasami Village Porcelain

The porcelain made in Hasami village is original in the organic nature of its production and the unique character of each finished product.

100% sustainable porcelain

All the raw materials used in the creation of porcelain in Hasami come from natural resources.

Porcelain paradise

Japanese porcelain has more than 400 years of history. It was introduced to Japan through Kyushu, an island in the south where the village of Hasami is located.


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Know us

It is not by chance or luck but the passion for the country of the rising sun, that 3 years ago two neighbors and childhood friends, Cris and Oscar, met in the village of Hasami, in Nagasaki prefecture.

At that time, we were both interested in the jewels that the artisans of that secluded and charming village created, and we began to think about how to share all that treasure with the West.

Our collections

Hasami Porcelain


HASAMI PORCELAIN sets itself apart from the mass-produced porcelain tableware found in other porcelain-producing regions around the world.

Designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto , whose vision is to integrate modern tableware design with the organic quality produced by traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques. The porcelain made in the village of Hasami is original in the organic nature of its production and the unique character of each finished product.


The charm of HASAMI PORCELAIN lies in the soft and comfortable texture that is carefully modeled with modern lines and pleasant aesthetics. There is a distinct natural feel to your products compared to that of traditional porcelain. The matte finish of the porcelain adds an organic touch that complements food and beverages. Using traditional glazing techniques with a proprietary blend of natural stone and clay materials, the exterior texture of the HASAMI PORCELAIN collection is the result of many years of development to get the best out of these raw natural resources.


The curved lines of HASAMI PORCELAIN represent the essence of modern Japanese aesthetics that is defined by a combination of modern and traditional styles. Its main attraction is not only its shape, but also its functional nesting design to facilitate food service and its storage efficiency in limited spaces.

The items in the HASAMI PORCELAIN collection achieve the status of a masterpiece of contemporary 21st century design while seamlessly blending its traditional roots. Its simple but functional design is perfect for special occasions or for everyday use.


HASAMI PORCELAIN masters both multifunctionality and practicality in its design. Many of the products have versatile functions, such as lids, which can also be used as trays or plates. The shapes and sizes of all cups, bowls, lids and accessories are precisely designed so that they can be stacked, facilitating food service and efficient storage.

The inspiration for this stacking concept came of the traditional Japanese or Jubako lacquered stepped boxes. Like the Jubako, all the products in the HASAMI PORCELAIN collection can be used to serve food individually, as a set, as well as for indoor or outdoor environments.

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